ICELITE is the luxury uncoated paper and board realized with ECF (Elementary Chlorine Free) wood-free primary pulp from responsible sources. Excellent whiteness, natural surface with smooth finish, good opacity, good hand, good folding resistance and surface sizing.

Versatile paper ideal for Editions, Catalogues, Calendars, Covers, End papers, Letterheads, Diaries, Menus, Annual reports and Monographs, Tags, Magazines, Leaflets, Envelopes, Shopping bags and others.

Weight Size Sheets per wrap
120 70X100 CM. 250
150 70X100 CM. 125
200 70X100 CM. 100
250 70X100 CM. 100
300 70X100 CM. 100

* Available in Prestige White color (Bianco)

Ecological characteristics :

  • Alkaline reserve > 2%
  • EN71/3 Safety of Toys (migration of certain elements)
  • Completely recyclable and bio-degradable
  • Neutral pH (cold extraction)
  • Pulp bleached using ECF (Elementary Chlorine Free) process
  • 94/62/CE (Heavy metal absence)
  • Acid Free